Who are We?
The Cats Country Club is owned and manged by Karenne & Wayne Reese.

We offer a wide range of accommodation to suit the needs of every feline, regardless of age, sex, breed, or personality for the duration of their stay.

All suites have :
  • Heating in winter and cooling in summer
  • Luxury bedding & blankets
  • Toys & Scratch pads
  • Water & food containers




Single accommodation suits are designed with bedroom in front and a large area out back where the cats have their litter tray and room to play.
Our single suites are large enough to house two cats comfortably.
Our Double luxury suits are designed to ho
use two or more with built in hidey holes and separate areas for food, water and litter trays, with ladders for access to both areas.
We have a lovely Gym area where cats are rotated separately through the day for their daily exercise.